Illuminating Support

Extend your capabilities

We use our knowledge, speed of service and honesty to provide small to medium businesses in the West Midlands a total computer and network installation service.

Working alongside your team or supporting remotely we offer the first class support your business needs to stay competitive.


We offer an initial review of your situation with a no-repair-no-fee guarantee in the case of a breakdown.

Our range of services is extensive a few examples of what we do are listed below; the list is not exhaustive so call with your specific problem.

We are members of the West Midlands Chamber of Commerce and offer chamber members a discount.


Peer-to-peer, active directory installation and server-based networks installed and configured from scratch.

Maintain and extend an existing network and upgrade the older bnc cable connection to cat5 and cat6 for vastly improved performance.

In addition to our Local Area Network (LAN) skills, we are experienced with Virtual Private Network (VPN) installation that utilises the Internet to establish a secure transmission tunnel to link multiple machines or networks to different sites around the country.

Software & Hardware

Supply, install and configure all software and attend to enterprise server upgrade or simply a single machine in a smaller company or at your home.

All hardware components purchased and fitted on your behalf.

Supply new or refurbished laptops fully installed, configured and ready for use.

Discussion of your internal workflow requirements with a view to eliminating labour intensive administrative bottlenecks like re-keying data from one application to another.

Work with leading off the shelf business and accounting packages such as Microsoft Office (all versions) Sage, TAS, Quicken, Act, Filemaker Pro and many more.

Supplement the above by one to one or group training, general education and "how to" sessions.

Streamline current ways of working and get the best from your existing software by understanding the installed features.

Machine Specific

For machines that have developed problems, we are able to quickly identify and can normally effect repairs on the spot. We only remove a machine if a repair or upgrade is not possible.

Before "retiring" older machines, we may be able to suggest low cost ways to stretch their life by the addition of more memory, if appropriate. This can allow a sensible upgrade budget to be devised delaying major cost for a while.

All machines we build are delivered, ready to use or be connected to your network and carry a full warranty. Data from old machines can be transferred.

If you know your outline specification call and we will give you a quote. For the less technically minded simply tell us what you want a new computer to do and we will guide you on the key elements and outline cost.

High end games machines are also on our build list, again call for prices.

Virus and Threats & Internet & E-mail

An important feature in today's world is active protection against virus, spam, spyware, adware, pop-ups and all internet threats whilst enabling staff to benefit from a safe high speed internet and e-mail access on demand.

We advise, supply, install and configure to fit these needs including a comprehensive review to select the most suitable solution for you, probably from either Symantec, Sophos, or McAfee, on both workstation and server level.

If you do not have e-mail we can create this facility at a surprisingly low cost on your behalf.

Web Design

We collaborate with an innovative web design studio where results speak louder than words.

Basic ideas can be developed and signed off by you before expensive code is committed. This ensures that the final site will be within your budget and built using Macromedia FlashMX components deployed to give maximum "wow factor" impact to visitors.

For clients who would like a web presence we have contacts that are able to offer low cost options fully managed on your behalf.