XP Service Pack 2 Advice


 Installing Service Pack 2 (SP2) for users of XP Home or Professional Editions


Microsoft has released SP2 which greatly enhances the basic security features of the Operating System.

Because of the size and possible impact of this update, which is delivered as a download, Milford Solutions recommends the following cautious approach.


§         Select the computer you are going to upgrade (if you have more than one)

§         Create a restore point

§         Make sure that you have legal application software available should you need to re-install

§         Back up the critical data by burning to CD or DVD

§         Ensure that it is free of all threats, adware, spyware and advertising trojans by running standard detection programs.

§         Create another restore point.

§         Download, install, take a reset when required and check thoroughly to see if problems are reported or conflicts exist.


(The above advice assumes you have broadband capability. If you connect to the internet through a dial up connection do not download the update and call us for more information on the best approach)

 If you are unsure and you would like us to carry out the tests on your behalf please contact us on 01384 250899 or click on the link to send a mail, letting us know the best times to contact you.

 This service will bear a cost which we will discuss before any time is committed.

 If you want further information regarding SP2 please go to the Microsoft site by clicking the link below.

Microsoft Support